Artist Appreciation: Xavier Webber


Xavier Webber is a English major at Queens College with future plans to attend grad school to study journalism. I’ve had the privilege to connect with Xavier and I must say I am honored. He has a lot to offer this world and his individuality and creativity inspires me in a very unique way, I hope this interview does the same for you!

Q: Why are you passionate about photography? 

A: It's not really photography itself that I'm passionate about but being able to connect with people who are typically overlooked and voices not really heard often. These people usually have the most important things to teach us so it's those moments that I'm photographing them that I'm able to take away a little knowledge or a new perspective from them.

Q: What dreams/goals do you have as a photographer? 

A: I think one of the biggest goals I have is to just be able to tell stories of black people, and people of color worldwide as accurately as possible. I also have projects that I would like to work on when I gain the resources to do it such as documenting lives of people incarcerated in the American Prison system and their lives once they're released seeing as how the chance of recidivism is so high in this country and we lack real rehabilitation.

Q: What/who inspires you? 

A: A lot of my peers inspire me. Anyone from friends that I have who are just writers or painters it's all art and affects/inspires me in some way. I could be inspired by a tweet in the same way I could be by going to see an exhibit. A lot of music inspires me directly though, right now it's mostly Kendrick, Marvin Gaye, Dilla, Nas, Kartel all takes me somewhere.

Q: What do you hope people feel or think when they see your work? 

A: I just hope it makes people more aware of everyone around them and they're story. I think if anything that's what I would want them to take

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