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All my life I have been recognized for my God given gift of style. Whether hair, makeup or clothing, I have been gifted with an eye for pulling things together and creating a beautiful work of art. However, when you are always complimented on how you look it can become the source of your security and bring about false identity. The pressure to always look good is ever present (I can only imagine the pressure celebrities must experience)! 

Regardless of the beauty everyone else saw, I was never seeing nor saying the same thing about myself, especially about my hair. For years I obsessed over my hair, in my eyes the hair looked good, but it didn’t look good on me. Therefore, I was consistently comparing my hair to others and trying to achieve a look that I couldn't quite obtain. 

Recently, deliverance came. I was trying to achieve what God had not given me (like many times before) and I put a relaxer on my bleached hair. As I was in the shower washing the chemical out, my hair was coming out with it and in that moment my eyes were open and I saw my heart. Comparison and covetousness had tormented me; the feeling that I was not good enough and the quest to have what I wasn’t given had caused me to lose what I had worshiped for so many years. I wept, not because of the hair loss, but in repentance. I had no choice but to shave all my damaged hair off and start afresh. Yet, what the enemy of my soul meant for my destruction, God turned into a testimony. After I cut all of my hair off and after my hair god had been dethroned, I looked in the mirror and saw something I couldn’t see own beauty.  All these years I had been trying to use my hair to make me beautiful when I didn’t need it at all. I make my hair, clothes, and makeup beautiful not the other way around! Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty I am free at last!!!

The moral of the story is that many of us have lost sight of the true definition of beauty in our addictive quest to achieve society's standard of outward appearance. Beauty is of the heart not the the flesh, it is not just what we see, but what's expressed. It is a soul that is founded and governed by truth, an authentic spirit that is the light that shines so bright for all to see. Beauty is a PRESENCE not a look! 

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