Style Appreciation: Joe Marshall


Joe Marshall 

Brandywine, Maryland

Joe Marshall is a recent graduate from the University of Maryland with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism.  "Do I really use it?  No.  My parents are pastors at Victory Christian Ministries International in Washington, D.C.  They've been in the ministry literally all of my life, and I recently decided to join the family business - not because they held me down and put a Bible to my head...I actually enjoy it.  I'm not a preacher or anything.  I'm more of a behind-the-scenes guy.  My senior year of college I finally realized my passion was screenwriting.  Since then, I began running the Drama Department at my church and I started a comedy web-series.  My goal is to tear down traditionally negative stereotypes around church and Christianity as a whole.  Church is usually seen as boring and Christians are usually portrayed as freaking weird in the media.  I just want to show that Christians are (cool) people too, and this web-series, "The Church," is my first idea to help break down those false preconceptions (albeit, there may be some Christians who are a little strange - God loves them too)," says Joe. 

How would you describe your style?  "I would describe my style as "constantly evolving."  It seems to follow my thought process - always changing, growing, expanding.  One day I think I've finally figured it out.  I'll open my closet with a smile and think to myself, "This is exactly how I want to dress."  Then I'll open that same closet a week later and feel like I have nothing to wear.  It's really annoying because my wallet doesn't yet evolve as quickly as my sense of style.  I always admire those stylish individuals who have a uniform, but right now I enjoy the spontaneity."

Name 3 of your favorite style/fashion icons. 

"Steve McQueen - his style was effortless.  Nothing he wore looked forced.  He just "was."  And what he was, was cool.

 Kanye West - as cliche as this sounds, and as much as it pains me to say it - I respect his boldness and creativity.  I think we'd all be lying if we said he didn't influence us in one way or the other - whether it's to hate him or love him.  Personally, I'm not inspired to dress like him, it's his boldness that speaks to me. 

 Eric "Popsmoothe" Pratt - he may not be a household name, but he was a legend to me.  Eric was a friend of mine who died a year ago, but he lived and dressed with such ferocious freedom that you couldn't help but admire the guy.  His style was creative and electric - I couldn't even describe it if I tried.  The best I can say is that it was boldness personified.  He wasn't afraid to just be himself, and it was that confidence that made him cool.  Even if you didn't like his outfit, you respected the guy for having the balls just to wear it."

What inspires your sense of style? "My personality inspires my style.  My style is an extension of who I am, and it's often a window into my mind.  When it comes to something as subjective as style, it's all about knowing who you are, being confident in that realization and having the boldness to express it outwardly.  I stand 100% behind every outfit I've ever worn because at that point in time, it was a reflection of how I felt.  Not everyone takes style that seriously, and that's perfectly fine.  But if you do, be yourself (and I say that emphatically)!  Wear what you want, when you want, and how you want without any fear."

Where do you see yourself in the fashion world in the future, if at all? "I'm not seeking a career in fashion - it's more so a daily hobby.  Screenwriting, directing, acting - those are my main focuses, but style goes hand-in-hand with those career paths, so who knows.  For now, I just enjoy it for what it is: a free form of self expression, unregulated by any rules or guidelines.  It's fun, and it's important to keep it that way."

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