Brian Hall: DIE EMPTY


We were all created to create. Art is a creative expression that honors its creator, we were designed to design. What if I told you that art is at its purest form when it is original. Or what if I told you that your creative nature is being diminished every moment you choose not to create...out of originality. Whether you know it or not you are an artist, you've created a hiding place for that part of yourself because someone told you otherwise. The truth is we all are creative by nature, but we've allowed society to create a mindset that says "art is not a form of education," or "if you're a creative you won't amount to anything." Yes education is power but artistry/creativity is the superior force that affects change in our society. The creatives set the course of the culture we live in, but there are still too many that remain silent and choose to hide their gifts. How many generations have passed where a person who was a creative artist by design chose to hide their gifts from the world? So I pose this question. What is the richest place on the earth? I would venture to say the grave. Why? Every single person that has passed away without releasing their form of creativity throughout the course of humanity has taken their gifts to the grave with them. Thus empowering the grave. We all have something inside of us that can cause a revolution in the world that we live in, if we can just say yes to creativity. The only way to create good art, is to create a lot of bad art. Random is ok, just let it out. Every moment we choose not to let the creative nature that is inside of us out, it is causing a death in our spirit. The big picture things that bother you are usually the the problems you were designed to solve. We are the answer! I encourage you to make a life long commitment to grow in your craft. As a generation let's choose not to empower the grave anymore. Let's create and give this world all we have to offer and empower our society to succeed. Unlock your creative nature and give life your all. DIE EMPTY. 

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