Artist Appreciation: Megan Krizovensky


Megan Krizovensky is a student at the College of Southern Maryland, an art teacher at Yellow Door Art Studios, and a full time artist. She creates pieces for display in local galleries and she completes  commissions for clients, therefore, she is constantly creating new things. "I'm passionate about art because ever since I was a child it's been my escape. Later I realized, not only does it speak to me, it speaks to the world. I love the concept that I can send a message across through a work of art, one picture can say a thousand things," says Megan.

What dreams and goals do you have as an artist? "I hope to continue spreading messages, I hope for people to understand what I'm trying to say. I would like to continue to pursue art by any means throughout my life. Whatever will be, will be. I'm prepared for whatever the universe throws at me." 

What/who inspires you? "Everyone and everything around me inspires me. I used to find it hard to grasp any inspiration until I started to find beauty in everything. My family and close friends have been very supportive throughout this entire thing, their support is my biggest inspiration."

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