Artist Appreciation: Morgan Williams


Fruits Of My Labor by Morgan Williams  (medium: acrylic paint)

Morgan Williams is currently a high school senior at Virginia Governor's School for the Arts. "I have always been passionate about art, not only because it allows me to express my creativity, but accomplishes my responsibility to be an interpreter of my own unique artistic visions," says Morgan.

What dreams/goals do you have as an artist?: "My long term goal as an artist is to become an  art/creative director because I enjoy bringing visions to life. I believe this career path would allow me to utilize my talents and gifts on a larger scale."  

Who/what inspires you?: "The world around me inspires me everyday. The strong desire to visually interpret thoughts, emotions, and ideas alone thrills me. I could say the greats like Basquiat and Picasso inspire me, but honestly everyday people inspire me. I'm blessed to have a group of individuals gifted in the arts surrounding me everyday at my art magnet school. We inspire each other." 

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