Artist Appreciation: Jose Palos


Jose Palos 

Emcee, Spoken Word Artist, Speaker

Los Angeles/ Redding, California

   With a background in underground hip-hop, Jose has collaborated with a community of poets and emcees. Jose is inspired by poets/artists like Propaganda, Shian, and Black Thought (The Roots). You can find many more of his powerful spoken word videos on Youtube! 

Why do you do what you do?

"I do it because I am it. I'm an artist, so I create as a part of a reflection of my purpose and identity" 

What inspires your poetry? 

"Life inspires. Revelation from God. When real life and His word and presence intersect. Where things click and make sense...things you've been struggling to understand and process and then out of the blue, you get wisdom, revelation and understanding in that issue."

What’s the best piece of advice you've been given?

"Recently it's to learn to forgive and love yourself. We are not free to love others the way we need to until we allow ourselves to be loved by God and love and forgive ourselves. "

What topics do you pursue?

"Topics that I feel are close to the Fathers heart or flow from His heart. Issues of identity and being free from striving and working to earn His favor. Social issues, family issues...whatever life inspires."

What vision(s) do you have for your poetry?

"For all of the above. But I want people to catch clear glimpses of The Father and all His goodness, care and love. I want my poetry to be experienced deep in people's spirit and soul."


Check out more of Jose's work at & on iTunes under "Blood Sweat and Ink