WHEN Will My Gift Make Room For Me?


This is for those who feel like time is running out. You look around and see that all your peers have taken on amazing new opportunities. I understand that you may feel left behind, but you are not alone and there is nothing but TIME left. Forget the rush and allow me to let you in on some very vital points that I pray will get you through the process. 

Something I wish someone told me before I hit "adulthood" ( I still laugh at that because I've never felt more like a child than in this current season of my life lol ) is that we have to CHOOSE to grow in what we aren't naturally gifted in. It is difficult, but it is necessary. There comes a certain point where you feel like you've done all you can to perfect your gift, but it still hasn't paid off. "What am I missing?" "What do I do next?"

A scripture many of us know and run to in moments when we just want to give up is Proverbs 18:16, "A man's gift makes room for him and brings him before great men." It is a life-giving truth, indeed, but have you considered that perhaps you're not yet prepared for wherever this said gift will take you? Ask yourself. Have I developed the characteristics that would help me sustain the blessing? 

It is a lot like starting a workout regime. You work hard to develop the discipline, consistency, and self-control to reach a certain goal. Once you've reached that goal, you then have to use that same discipline, consistency, and self-control to maintain those results. You can't just stop because you've finally achieved your summer body.  

Of course, God gives freely and bountifully, even in the moments when we least deserve it. Yet, we are still stewards and there is still a process of sowing and reaping. He also wouldn't give you more than you could bear. This doesn't just apply to the outright painful situations in life, but even the promotions because promotion + lack of character/stewardship can result in more pain and loss later on down the road. 

For example, if I want to be a millionaire I must first shift my mentality to that of a millionaire. In turn, shifting how I handle my finances. There has to be a shift in how I think about money that will influence what I do with it.  

At times it doesn't make sense why it has to take so long, but perhaps it's when we stop wondering "will it happen today" and start rehearsing the lifestyle we want to live in mindset and character we will see it come to pass at an accelerated rate. Maybe it's already happening and he's setting up all of the behind the sense operations right there in front of you, but your mind must first come into alignment before you can see it? 

Let Him prepare you. Don't neglect the process of getting your soul in check. Your soul is your mind, will, and emotions. Our spirits reveal to us a glorious purpose and we run in pursuit of it, but our lack of growth and character can tear it all apart. That's exactly what you witness when you see a big time singer/actor/celebrity lose it all to addiction or pride. Their gift didn't fail them, their lack of character did. 

Now I'm not saying obsess over what you're doing "wrong." You may be doing everything right. I am saying allow truth to really take root in your soul. Look for practical ways to grow in areas you know you may be weak. Try your hardest to appreciate the seemingly difficult situations that life brings for they may be accomplishing a greater work than you can see or feel. Develop this inward gratitude that will not only carry you through the season of sowing but sustain you in the harvest.