*Time (Is) by Solange plays in the background*

Photography by @irvinignatius

Photography by @irvinignatius


Time (Is) from Solange’s recent release, When I Get Home, reminds me of the adage “you won’t know until you try.” These past few weeks I’ve felt so empowered by God to cast my fears aside and just start right where I am. Don’t overthink, don’t search for limitations, and ignore your fear. I encourage you to address the beliefs that keep you from your dreams because “you’ve got to know” that you can. You have to see yourself doing the very things your heart desires because as long as you don’t, you simply won’t. When excuses are present desire is lacking. The more we feed the fear, the less we feel worthy of the goal. I don’t want to hold myself back anymore. How about you? The days are passing. The time is now. GO!

Dress | Zara

Boots | Unisa