Keep Going


If you ever find yourself feeling low again 

If you ever slip back into a state of depression

Or lack of joy becomes all too familiar 

If you ever lose your peace 

And you find yourself comparing 

If you slip back into fear or hopelessness 

Just for a moment 

Lay there surrounded by your tears 


Do not discount the work you’ve put in thus far 

Do not believe you have digressed 

Do not doubt the power of your progress 

If at one point you made headway 

Rest assured there is more to come

Your moment of weakness is not an opportunity to repress your truth

You’ve overcome once before 

You wear the scars as proof

You are not the same 

You have reached new levels of access 

to healing

Granted some cuts run deep 

And certain mindsets take a little thing called process to remove 

Allow your soul the breathing room for mistakes 

You have many more to make

You have many more chances to take 

On loving you

Who told you it was a one time experience? 

Self-love is a muscle

Exercised over and over again 

Not to be confused with selfishness or vanity 

It is the key to your sanity

When you feel crazy for simply feeling 

When you feel alone and afraid of the unknown

It is healing 

It is wisdom to fall and get up again

It is choosing 

Your superpower 

When self pity seeks to trap you in 

It is letting go 

Of the disappointment 

And the betrayal 

It is saying “I much rather prevail”

It is self-awareness 

At least you can pinpoint the root cause this time

You can communicate how you feel

Why you feel

& even if you can’t 

You are getting there 

You are identifying toxic cycles 

And you are learning through each trial

When you find yourself there again please do not disdain the test 

Just promise me this 

No matter how hard it gets 

You’ll give it your very best.

by Najha Restrepo