Essence BeautyBox


Essence has recently started a beauty box catered to women of color. I had the great pleasure of receiving an #EssenceBeautyBox this past week and I was ecstatic through every step of the unboxing process! I received May’s box titled “Bae-cation,” packed with some great summer essentials. I must say I am very pleased with the products I received and I particularly fancy that they feature one black-owned business in every box! Sooo here's my review (refer to third photo in slideshow)... 

1. PUR Impact Mascara: [3 out of 5] It's great for a very natural look; my eyelashes were wispy and defined. I’ve never been super picky when it comes to mascara though.  

2. Equitance Brightening Foaming Cleanser: [3 out of 5] Super gentle! It has a fresh scent and a smooth lather that made washing my face NOT feel like a chore. 

3. Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes: [5 out of 5] I LOVE this product! I have sensitive skin and I’ve used wipes that have been too rough on my face and caused burning and redness. These wipes are gentle and don't leave my face feeling tight and dry! I will definitely go buy these when I run out. 

4. Poo~Pourri Toilet Spray: [5 out of 5] I guess that rating would change depending on your funk level *side eye*.  I’ve tried this product before, kept saying I would purchase it, but never got around to doing so. Basically, it allows you to poop without anyone knowing! Have you ever had to take a number two while out and about or at a friends house, but you didn't want people to find out it was you funkin’ up the place? Don't lie. LOL #ProbemSolved

5. Ginger Yum Ginger Mint Soy Massage Candle: [4 out of 5]: THIS PRODUCT IS BOMB!!! These candles are  eco-friendly and when you're done burning the candle, you blow that sucker out and use the warm oil to moisturize your skin!!! Either I’m late or this is actually a new thing, but I was blown away lol. They put two of some of my fav things in one wth this product... candles and well moisturized skin! 

All in all I think this is a great way to determine what products out there work best for you & you just might luck out, like me, and enjoy all of them. So SUBSCRIBE to Essence BeautyBox  & receive 5 products delivered to your door, hand-picked by the experts at ESSENCE Magazine!!!!

(Disclaimer: Essence Beauty Box has been discontinued *tears*)