Breaking The Cycle in 2019


This is not for the natural born self-starters of the world, those with the unshakeable drive to run full speed ahead at their dreams (but if that is you feel free to leave some motivational tips in the comments for the rest of us). This is for those who, with a heart full of hope, have set out to pursue their deepest desires, yet they've lost their fire.

Is that you? Do you struggle to stay the course? Do you notice you fall victim to unhealthy cycles? You start. You get distracted. You stop. You second guess yourself and your vision. Well, here are 2 things I want you to join me in pursuing this year…

Self- Discipline

You may lack the confidence and belief in yourself that you will even stick to the goals you have set for yourself. That lack of confidence stems from your lack of self-discipline. We all know the saying “Consistency is Key,” but there is no consistency without discipline. Sometimes staying the course gets a little dry. You may have to turn down fun outings with friends in order to stick to the scheduled time you set for honing your craft. You may spend hours trying to write the same song. You know how this discipline thing works; anything worth having requires work to obtain and once obtained, you have to steward it well. The summer body you’ve been wanting doesn’t come without busting through some reps and then adding some more resistance. Challenge yourself by getting uncomfortable over and over again. In performing those repetitive movements, you begin to see the results you desire. When you get familiar with the mundane and push past the burn of self-discipline, you begin to form healthy habits. These healthy habits will help propel you into your destiny.

There are some habits or "coping mechanisms" you've developed to keep yourself distracted. Getting rid of those is where the real work of self-discipline comes in. What can you replace with the excessive amount of time you spend on social media? Write out some ways that you can discipline yourself in your purpose. Persevere until your dreams manifest. Your faithfulness will surely open doors for you.


Accountability is powerful! I believe that a lack of it allows us to THINK we are living a life of freedom and “grace,” when we are actually creating an intimate relationship with our toxic cycles. You may think you can do it alone because you set some goals and put some magazine clippings on a poster board at the beginning of the year, but don’t play yourself. This mindset produces a false sense of freedom and independence.

People find it so inspiring that I work out on a consistent basis. That level of discipline didn’t happen overnight nor on my own. Behind the “gym is my happy hour” woman I am today is the accountability of my mother, dragging my lazy behind to the gym at the age of fourteen. Today, with college and two jobs taking a heavy toll on my time, my mom has continued to be the accountability partner I need, but now she doesn’t have to drag me out the bed to do it. There are people that God has placed in your path who have mastered a discipline. Those are the people that you can learn from, who will keep you on your toes in pursuing your goals. 

You need someone to run beside you. If you could do it on your own, you would’ve done it by now. If you don’t have healthy connections, now is the time to start reaching out to the people that inspire you. People that are on the same wavelength and have a real and active relationship with God. Someone who will remind you of your goals and why you began in the first place. Whatever you have to do, if you’re desperate enough, you will find that accountability (even if you have to pay for a few lessons, a coach, or a trainer).

 Break The Cycle

The time is now to stop sleeping on YOU! Find someone to keep you in check, and knock out those unhealthy habits one at a time. In the process remember to remain light-hearted and celebrate every small victory, and trust that God’s perfect plan for you is unfolding from the inside out.

I hope this spoke to you and we can both get our ish together this year. Here’s to persevering through the mundane!

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