I am a seed

Plant me deep within your soil

then water me

Shower me in the nutrients I need to germinate 

Initiate in me the cycle of life 

Shine on me like the sun on the dawn of a new day

Though I am buried deep I still feel the heat

Awakening this embryo within 

I begin my growing process 

As my roots grow down anchoring me into the ground 

right where I need to be 

totally surrounded 

I am fully equipped with everything I need to develop into who I am called to be

created to be

I am hidden

 yet you've already seen me 

You have witnessed the potential and told me everything you see in me

I will extract from you nourishment

and I will grow and grow and grow

Until I've made it to the surface 

out of the darkness into the fullness of your light 

I am a stem 

I may seem small and insignificant 

but I am thriving off of your truth that was fed to me in my darkest of hours 

As my leaves are basking in your light 

Feeding this never ending hunger 


Renewing me with hope

There is more in store

As I very slowly sprout higher and higher from natures floor

Wondering how long I will be in this stage 

Then seasons change 

and it feels as though my structure has rearranged

I am beginning to bud 

Remembering your promises  

I feel the breeze blow through my leaves a bit worried I will be swept away

but I am anchored in your love

I am standing in the rays of your son as you keep a close eye on me 

Hours, days, weeks go by and your gaze is still fixed on me

You are calling me forth 

and suddenly 

I am in full bloom 

Bold and beautiful for all to see

You planted me from the seed of your imagination 

You spoke my identity into existence 

"You fulfill your purpose for me;

 your steadfast love endures forever.

And you do not forsake the work of your hands." (Psalm 138:8)

Gardener of my soul

Creator of the universe 

The best artist I know 

You faithfully cared for me and you will not let me go. 

by Najha Restrepo


All Rights Reserved 

Copyright © 2015 Najha Restrepo