Negatively Speaking...


    For majority of my young life I’ve disliked something about my physical appearance. As of recent, I have become aware of aspects of myself that I do not like concerning my habits. The number one issue is my thinking. The simple fact that I would think anything about how God created me as less than perfect is a problem. So I have taken on a difficult challenge…NO NEGATIVE THINKING! 

    I realized that I was an analyzer, an over thinker. In any situation (no matter how simple or difficult) I would contemplate every possibility which isn't bad, but I would then focus on the negative possibility until I became hopeless, joyless and full of anxiety. Ultimately I was setting myself up for failure because I was accepting the idea that it (whatever “it” may be) would fail. In friendships or dating relationships I would expect the worst from a person the minute they made one mistake. I would call this my “defense mechanism." "If I prepare my heart for heartache before it actually happens (because it’s bound to happen right?) then I wouldn’t be so hurt when it actually did." No, this way of thinking is so negative and dysfunctional it's not even funny. Sadly, this is how many people behave mentally. My negative thought pattern about others honestly had nothing to do with that person, but everything to do with how small and insignificant I felt. I believed I wasn’t good enough. I believed I wasn't memorable. I believed I wasn't worth it. Therefore, I reflected my own thoughts onto others. It has become so normal to think or speak negatively about ourselves, that we don’t even think twice when we do it. We think negatively about the world around us because we do not think we have power over our circumstances. Negative thinking only reflects back on us and it reveals the self hate that is festering in our hearts. The power of thought is something we have all taken for granted, but it’s imperative that we think positively. Positivity radiates from one's face like sun rays. It puts us on the path to self love which empowers us to love our neighbor effectively because we begin to view ourselves and others through the eyes of Jesus. Positivity sets us up for success because it takes away the failure mindset. 

  It is amazing how natural negative self talk can be; it used to be one of my nasty habits, but I’m consciously making an effort to develop healthy thought patterns. I am only as powerful as my thoughts. If I think weak, negative thoughts then I will speak negatively and ultimately my actions will match. Just imagine how in control we would be of our lives if we thought positively, spoke positively and allowed our actions to match.

Be honest with yourself. Are you aware of any negative self talk in your life? What triggers these thoughts? Do you believe that other people have these negative thoughts of you also? Lets talk about it, leave your feedback in the comments section below.