Hello, it’s Najha (or Naj), lover of beauty and design and an advocate of self-love and being true to oneself. I created this blog to inspire and uplift others through various forms of art. From paintings, drawings and photography to poetry, fashion and music. I want to build a community of individuals that believe in the power and value of expression and have a passion for shifting culture through creativity. I strongly believe that to be human is to be creative, for we were made in the image of the Creator. How beautiful the gift of turning thoughts and ideas into a marvelous masterpiece and all the more beautiful to share it with the world. LoveCreatePeace is all about championing and celebrating the creative, sharing tools for growth, as well as sharing my own gifts with the world. Sit back, relax & enjoy the many different flavors and colors; may it impact your mind and awaken the creativity inside.

& always remember…love creates peace.